Bomb Kills Economic, Information Ministers

Hydrax - 79.1.4 - A bomb exploded in Hydrax City on Hydrax today killing Barron Ut-yu a'Han'l'ert, the Minister of Economics, and Barron Min-tu a'Nix'kul'thep the Minister of Information. Thirteen other staff and security personel were killed and 18 were wounded.

The bomb exploded during a meeting between government officials at the Royal Trade Office. The Foreign Minsiter, Barron Vis'nal a'Han'le, was present in the room but was reportedly unhurt. He has been moved to an undisclosed location by security officials.

Hydrax police and the Ministry of Defense have begun an all out investigation and manhunt for the bombers responsible for the assassination. Hoverways and spaceports have been shut down. The Minister of Defense, Duke Tep-an a'Han'zuul has urged citizens to remain calm and stay in their homes unless it is absolutely necessary for them to leave.

An unnamed department head has taken temporary command of the Ministry of Information until a new Minster can be appointed by the King. According to government officials, he is lending that ministry's full efforts to the MoD's search.

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