Kzinti Border Base Falls to Lyrans

Lyran and Kzinti fleets clashed yesterday over a Kzinti base station on the border between the two waring empires. The battle involved well over a dozen ships including a number of fast vessels not yet scene on any previous battlefield.

The Lyran assault fleet crossed into Kzinti space and attacked an outlying base being defended by a number of warships. HBG correspondent Frang, who witnessed the battle, reported that the battle consisted of prolonged manuevuering and skirmishing, and a "sector filled with so many drones, one could walk between planets."

The bulk of the Lyran fleet managed to remain together and make an attack run on the base. With their fleet formations dispersed and their ships scattered across the battlefield, the Kzinti force withdrew.

One Lyran destroyer was destroyed, and a number of ships on both sides receivered minor damage. The base and two freighters were captured by Lyran forces. It is believed that the Kzinti managed to evacuate a number of crew from the station before it fell, though the exact number is unknown.

International humanitarian organizations, including the Federation Red Cross and the Hydran Relief Guild, are calling for ethical and fair treatment of the prisoners of war.

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