Gorn Ambassador Orates at Earth

Earth - 78.5.12 - The Gorn Ambassador, Gojira, has finally learned the human language and begun conversing with the people of the Federation. The trasncript of his first public speech is below.

Farmers of the planet Dirt, Smiths of the planet Crippled Craftsman, other fine and productive members of the United Federation of Planets. I bring you the greetings of the Gorn Confederation and extend to you the dulled claws of friendship. A apologize for the delay while I learned your language, and I apologize for the confusion caused by the incident in your city of Tokyo where my shuttle inadvertently landed. I believe the situation has been resolved and the residents of the city took its evacuation in good humor. That said, please permit me to introduce myself.

I am Gojira, Accredited Ambassador of the Gorn Confederation. We are a peaceful and industrious people who hold a strong confidence in the power of hard work and representational government. We live in an area of space beset with vile commerce raiders, and expansionist totalitarian empires. We have heard from the that such practices are not those of the Federation, and we would be enjoyed to have happy neighborly relations. We have desires of industrial and commercial exchange, scientific advancement and discovery, and mutual diversification of cultural richness. We are also open with willingness to discuss territorial claims and regional stabilization of the politics of our shared region of the universe.

In addition, if it meets with your approval, I would like to establish a permanent embassy to your government. If that is not in accord with your wishes, I shall contact the fiscal collective Quest to arrange my departure.

I now remove myself from your presence in order for you to converse most earnestly.

I remain, Gojira of Gorn. I am happy to have had the opportunity to assimilate your culture.

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