Travel Advisories

Military Restrictions

The following sectors have been declared off limits to civilian traffic by their controlling governments.

Military Exclusion Zones
Federation 3514 3413 2505
Hydran 1316
Lyran 0710

Safety Advisories

Advisories have been issued over the folowing locations

Travel Warnings
Location Source Details
Southern Federation Space Hydran Kingdom Due to increasing tensions between the Federation and the creatures known as the Tholians civilians are urged to use caution near contested areas.
Near Sector 4305 Gorn Confederation A Souldra base is known to be orbiting the black hole in sector 4305.
Kzinti / Lyran Border HBG News Open warfare is in progress between the Kzinti Hegemony and the Lyran Empire. Caution is advised.

Reported Criminal Activity

Reports of criminal activity or piracy have been received about the following sectors.

Location Date Type Reliability Details
1105 78.5.10 Piracy Confirmed A Kzinti government freighter was seized by pirates. The crew did not resist and surrendered. They were allowed to evacuate onboard shuttles. The pirates offloaded cargo and destroyed the vessel.
3413 78.5.9 RS Violation Confirmed A ship violated the Federation Prime Directive zone in sector 3413. It self-destructed rather than submit to inspection. No survivors.
4202 78.5.8 Piracy Unconfirmed None available.

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